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Ductile Iron (DI) Pipes - Overview

  Finest quality DI pipe in the market
Learning from nature, observing through an engineer's eye and understanding the common man - that makes possible, the stimulation of these discoveries and creating engineering marvels to make lives easier.

One such marvel is the Ductile Iron Pipe. A marvel inspired by nature and driven by human ingenuity. A marvel that transports water across distant lands and through difficult terrains and links the demand and supply points seamlessly. In the Industrial research, field experience, tight quality control and contemporary production techniques has evolved the D.I pipes in to the efficient product it is today. We at Electrotherm (India) Ltd. are dedicated to the production and placement of the finest quality Ductile Iron pipe in the market to spread happiness and hope for all.

Electrotherm’s DI Pipes offer several benefits.
» Long Service Life of 75 to 100 years
» High Ductility
» High Tensile Strength.
» High Bursting Strength
» High Beam Strength
» Higher Corrosion & Abrasion Resisting
» Easy Laying & Installation
» Easy Weldability that facilitates Onsite Fabrication
» Superior Flow Characteristics
» Higher “C” Value
» Lowest Pumping Costs
» Maintenance Free
Ductile Iron Pipes
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